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Ewelina Pruszyńska – Bielawka, LL.M.

Is a certified legal advisor and a member of the Warsaw Bar Association.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the University of Florida Levin College of Law, the German Law School and of the Faculty of Law of the University of Bonn where she studied Comparative Civil Law (LL.M). She also completed post-graduate studies in Intellectual Property Rights at Jagiellonian University.

She has several years of professional experience that she has gained in the leading law firms in Poland and in international media and television companies.

She is specialised in broadly-defined civil law (including contract law, copyright law and issues related to personality rights), family law and business law.

In everyday work, she renders legal services for businesses and individual clients, including drafting and reviewing contracts, drafting pleadings, providing legal advice and representing at court.

She has vast experience in the field of intellectual property rights – during her career, she has been an advisor of, among others architectural practices, interior designers, book publishers, illustrators, owners and creators of websites and media companies.

She speaks English and German fluently.


The Law Firm of Ewelina Pruszyńska – Bielawka provides comprehensive legal assistance to individual clients and entrepreneurs. The range of services includes representing clients before courts and offices, preparing pleadings, drafting and giving opinions on contracts and other documents, providing legal advice. We offer support in the field of civil, family, inheritance and business law, as well as intellectual property, labor law, immovable properties  and medical law. Legal assistance is provided in Polish, English and German.

Family law

  • Relationships between parents and children (alimonies, execution of parental authority, determining the origin of the child);
  • Matrimonial property regimes (marriage contracts, dissolution of the statutory joint marital property, division of jointly-held assets);
  • Advisory services and conducting court cases involving divorce and separation;
  • Representing clients domiciled abroad.

Inheritance law

Conducting cases involving inheritance law, including proceedings for confirmation of inheritance acquisition, for inheritance division and for legal rights share.

Landlord–tenant law

  • Comprehensive legal services for tenants’ associations;
  • Legal advisory services in the field of residential and commercial premises trading;
  • Conducting court cases (judicial recovery of debts, challenging resolutions of tenants’ association, etc.).

Immovable properties

Legal advisory services and conducting court cases involving:

  • usucaption,
  • establishment, change and cancellation of a servitude,
  • claims related to the use of property without legal entitlement,
  • reviewing developer agreements.


Seeking compensation for torts, including in particular traffic accidents and medical errors.

Intellectual property

  • Comprehensive support in the field of copyright and related rights, industrial property rights, database rights and know-how protection.
  • Drafting licence agreements and contracts regarding economic copyright transfer,
  • Protection of domain names, trademarks and utility models;
  • Unfair competition law – legal advisory services and representing parties in court proceedings in this field;
  • Preparation of legal opinions concerning copyrights, industrial property rights, database rights, trade secret, image protection, personality rights, etc.

Media and advertising law

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts the subject of which is an advertisement, rights for use of likenesses, etc.;
  • Drafting Terms & Conditions for contests and lotteries;
  • Drafting sponsoring contracts;
  • Drafting contracts and Terms & Conditions for events and promotional campaigns;
  • Protection of personality rights in case of their violation in the mass media;
  • Negotiation of agreements involving violation of personality rights;
  • Verification of compliance of advertisements and other marketing or press materials with applicable law.

Business law

  • Commercial companies – legal assistance in establishment and dissolution of companies, ongoing legal services related to functioning of the companies, including drafting of contracts, statutes, resolutions and by-laws;
  • Proceeding before the National Court Register – representing the parties before the National Court Register;
  • Foundations and associations – legal advisory services at establishing associations and foundations, including drafting contracts, resolutions, statutes, by-laws;
  • E-commerce – legal advisory services concerning business activity conducted with the use of the Internet, drafting Terms & Conditions for e-commerce and websites, legal handling of complaints;


  • Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with
    the assistance of Mediator who helps to mitigate the dispute and reach a
  • Mediation is conducted by the Legal Counsel Ewelina Pruszyńska-Bielawka,
    who is a permanent court mediator at the District Court in Warsaw and the
    District Court for Warsaw-Praga.
  • Mediation is conducted in the field of family law, civil law, commercial law
    and intellectual property.

Court proceedings and judicial enforcement

Representing clients in proceedings before common courts and during judicial enforcement proceedings.

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